IkoBB Alpha RC1 (0.0.1a) released

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Hello everybody,

as promised we release today our first alpha release of our completely new and reworked forum software.
If you are not sure what alpha means: Don't use it for your official site. It's still in development and there will be bugs.

For a general overview of which features are implemented, have a look at this thread: Development Update 23rd March 2017

Download IkoBB 0.0.1a (Alpha RC1) here: https://download.ikobb.de/install.zip (VirusTotal Scan)

System requirements:
  • PHP 7 (yes, we are not supporting PHP 5.X)
  • mySQL5 Database

Install instructions:
    1. Download the zip file, extract it.
    2. Upload the install.php to your server
    3. Follow the install instructions
    4. Have fun with your new forum

    PS: We have implemented a small easter egg. Who can find it first?

    Founder of IkoBB -  The new open source and free forum 
    Posted 3. April 2017