IkoBB with new forum back online

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28-07-2017 18:11
Hello folks,

we have just setup this page with our IkoBB alpha 0.0.1. This is a bit advanced version with some features of alpha 0.0.2 to provide to you a more stable and better experience.
Additional we have created a brand new design, many thanks to Sebastian, and also included our logo to the site.

Please note that since it is an alpha we can't provide a complete finished forum. There will be errors, so if you encounter any problems please report them. You can report them directly here in our forum or at GitLab. Also if you have feature requests please send them to us.

What you can expect in the next months:
We will release in a few weeks our alpha 0.0.2, with improved functions and a much better working admin panel. We will fix some issues and also improve this and the official supported design.
All new updates you will find in this forum: http://ikobb.de/forum/category/1/

Stay tuned and tell us what features you are looking for in a CMS or forum 🙂

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Very nice!

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Last Update: We still have a break for several private reasons, but we will get the next update as soon as we are back at business.